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The High Conflict Institute PatternViewer tells your story in simple-to-understand pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Your story is created with your own emails, text messages, voicemails, videos and other electronic files. And the HCI PatternViewer develops graphical timeline displays, called "infographics", which explain your story to attorneys, counselors, psychologists, evaluators, and the court.


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Parents who want to protect their children use HCI PatternViewer infographics to quickly understand large amounts of data. HCI PatternViewer infographics help everyone understand the big picture, especially in cases where parents are being overwhelmed with narcissistic, borderline or antisocial patterns of behavior.  You no longer have to worry about a credibility contest where both sides are using cherry-picked samples in a "he said, she said" dispute.

Parents have used HCI PatternViewer infographics to help family law courts make better, more informed decisions based on the best interests of the children. For example, HCI PatternViewer has been used to change legal custody, residential schedules and child support, and to be awarded attorney's fees.



How We Do It



Based on Bill Eddy’s acclaimed and ground-breaking approach to deal with high conflict personality people, the HCI PatternViewer team takes a huge amount of your data and enters it in your own account. Next, HCI PatternViewer team members:



Assign an "event date" based upon information contained in each email, text message, and other electronic file


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Label, or "tag" each file with attributes of a narcissistic, borderline or antisocial personality disorder which might appear in an email, text message, voicemail, etc.


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Sort and organize each file into chronological and event based groups


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Finally, create timeline infographics which summarize patterns of behavior of each parent towards their children and towards each other



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